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Wiring Diagram To Install 3 Phase Switch Sockets

3 phase switch sockets are normally used in an industrial environment where high voltage is need to run machinery. In a normal household there is almost no need to have a 3 phase switch sockets installed as every electrical appliance in our house is powered by single phase supply. The only reason why we need a 3 phase supply is because we have too many appliances and thus might overload our power supply if we only have a single phase incoming.

Why And When Do We Need A 3 Phase Switch Socket.

The only reason I can think of when we need a 3 phase switch socket is when we have bought a machine that needs that kind of power. This is evident with many DIY enthusiasts who uses a lot of power tools for their hobby.

Some example are those high powered air compressor or even bench drills, but even then, they must be really serious hobbyist to go for such tools.

How A 3 Phase Switch Socket Looks

3 Phase switch sockets comes in different looks and makes. Some are made for outdoors and some for indoors. Those which are made for outdoor installation is of course made to be waterproof.

Here are a couple of pictures depicting a 3 phase switch socket.

3 phase switch socket

A 3 Phase Switch Socket With Switch

3 phase extension socket

A 3 Phase Extension Socket

Wiring Diagram To Install 3 Phase Switch Sockets

WARNING! Electricity Kills! Turn off all main power supply before attempting any electrical installations by yourself.

Installing a 3 phase switch socket is no different from installing a single phase switch socket. The only difference is a 3 phase switch socket will consist of 3 live wires and an earth wire whereas a single phase switch socket only consist of one live wire, a neutral wire and an earth wire.

Though all 3 phase motors runs without a neutral wire, when it comes to installing the socket, it is advisable to refer to the machine manual which you have bought to find out of the machine needs a neutral wire to operate.

The neutral wire in a 3 phase supply is normally used to operate the motor starter and not the motor itself.

Here is a simple wiring diagram to install a 3 phase switch socket.

3 phase socket wiring diagram

The Danger Of Wrong 3 Phase Wiring Termination

3 phase electrical supply carries a voltage of more than 300 volts. In many countries, the voltage is 440 volts. Needless top say, with such high voltage, it is extremely dangerous if mistakes are made when 3 phase power installations are done. It can lead to deadly circumstances.

The most vital accidents in a 3 phase supply installation is the “clash of phases” as described by a layman. What this means is two of the live wires are mistakenly connected together or accidentally touches one another. It can cause a rather big explosion that can blow the whole panel off the wall. If anyone is standing near, serious injuries or death might result.

So if you are doing it yourself, make sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise, get a qualified electrician. Better be safe than sorry.

Here is a video from Youtube showing you have to make a proper connection to the 3 phase switch socket.