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Wiring Diagram – Fluorescent Light

The fluorescent light remains one f the most poplar form of lighting despite the many  advancements made in recent years. Though many other more fanciful forms of lighting fixtures have been gaining popularity, fluorescent lights have remained strong in the market due to it’s relatively cheap price, readily available parts and easy maintenance.

Like usual, I won’t be dwelling into long technical explanation on how and why the fluorescent light works and confuse you with all the technical jargon that only a electrical engineer should know. This site is for commoners like you and me and all we need to know is which wire goes where and which terminal is for which wire. There is no need to be long winded and bore you with all the technical stuffs. So let’s see how we can wire up a fluorescent light. Refer to the wiring diagram below.


Okay, now that you know how the wires of a fluorescent light are connected together, yo can do lots of creative things. Under normal circumstances, when we buy a fluorescent light, it comes in a complete set with all the wires readily connected so all you have to do is to plug in the supply wires.  However there are many places that cannot accomodate the whole set and even if it does, it looks bulky and ugly. This is especially so when you want to light up a cabinet, a showcase or even an aquarium.

Now that you know how the wires are interconnected, you can do away with all the bulky casings or better still, you buy the different parts individually and lay your own wires, so you can hide the ballast and starter in somewhere discreet and have only the fluorescent tube showing.