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What Is A Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is a switch that comes with a current regulator built in. It can only work with the normal incandescent bulbs that uses the tungsten filaments to light up when it gets heated up.

A dimmer switch is easily distinguishable by a knob that allows you to dim or brighten up the light bulb. The most suitable place to use this switch is the family hall where the there are wall lights or chandeliers installed. It is also perfect for the bedroom. Many restaurants, pubs and lounges uses these kind of switch to make their places cosier.

The knob on the switch is connected to a regulating coil which allows and limits the flow of electricity flowing through. It works similarly with the ceiling fan’s regulator. The more you allow the electricity to pass through the brighter the lights gets. The lesser, the dimmer.

When buying a dimmer switch, make sure to get one that has a separate switch. Some dimmers just comes with the knob alone so if the dimmer gets faulty, there is no alternative to switch off the lights in an emergency. One that comes with a normal switch will at least let you ave a little bit of control.

Wiring a dimmer switch is no different from wiring a normal switch. In fact you don’t even need to do any alterations to the wiring if you decide to replace your normal switch with a dimmer switch. Most brands come with the coil readily terminated and all you have to do is to terminate the two existing terminals as tough they are normal switches. The only thing to remember is it won’t work with a fluorescent light. It only works with incandescents.