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New 2 Way Switch Wiring Installation Diagram

I posted a 2 way switch wiring diagram more than 2 years ago. Years has passed since and some might wonder of things have changed since then. Well, some things never changes. Though the design and looks of the switches might look a little more modern to keep up with the trend of houses these days, the wiring installation of a 2 way switch done today is still the same.

Looks Of The New 2 Way Switch

Even though the wiring installation method of a 2 way switch cannot be changed, the looks and designs of switches these days are really modern pleasant looking. Switches nowadays come in different colour to compliment and blend in to the interior design of the houses. The designs too has taken a great leap as compared the the plain and boring white coloured switches that we have accustomed ourselves to.

Here are a couple of modern looking light switches that are available in the market these days.

New 2 Way Switch Wiring Installation Video

The information age is certainly here to stay and today, if you want to learn something, the Internet is the best place to start. This neatly done video of how the wiring installation of a 2 way switch is laid out and how the 2 way switch functions.

Watching the video below will give you a clear picture of how you can utilize a pair of 2 way switches to switch on a light from one location and then switch the same light off on another location.

Why The 2 Way Switch Is So Useful

The 2 way switch is one of the best things you can have in your house. This especially so if you have a multi level house or a house that has many shared rooms. By installing a 2 way switch, you can have the lights on when you want to go up the stairs to that level and than rather than leaving the lights on when you have entered, you can now switch the staircase lights off and save some on your electrical bill.

2 way switches are also very useful in office buildings, schools, hospitals and places with many corridors. Installing one switch at one end of the corridor to switch the corridor lights one and another at the other end to switch them off is very sensible.