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Multiple Light Points Wiring Circuit Diagram

To wire up multiple light points is nothing any complex than wiring a single light point. A multiple light point’s circuit works exactly the same as a single light point except for the series looping of the live wire and the neutral wire.

The fact that we see more than one piece of live wires in a switch, be it one gang or multiple gang is because of this wire loops. It is nothing more than tapping the electrical supply from the nearest switch instead of running a brand new wire to the mains for this purpose. The same goes for the neutral wire. Refer to the wiring diagram. I have done it exactly the way the wires are ran and not schematically as it might be confusing for some.


L1 and N are the supply wires coming from the Mains.  L1, the live wire will go to the first switch which is nearest to the Main Panel. From L1, another wire is connected to L2, then to L3 and L4. The same goes for the neutral wire, N which goes to the first light point. If you can imagine now, you will see that it is in fact the same wire that keeps looping on. This way each switch and each light will get the same electrical supply because when we terminate the switches ans the light points, we twist the wires with the same color codes together to make it into one.

Individual switch wires, S, is then ran from the switch to the lights.

Normally we will never see the mess of wires that controls these multiple light points because it will be well hidden up and above the ceiling or the attic, if your homes have it. Sometimes it could be also done in the basement.