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Installing An Additional Light Point

Say you have a room that has only a single light point or maybe a dining hall that you feel is not bright enough. You can always add in an additional light without too much trouble and you don’t even have to mess with the Main Switch Panel.


Wiring Diagram 1- Shows you how the existing light point’s wire is typically installed. The live wire goes to the switch and the neutral wire to the existing light. In short you have everything that is needed to light up another light right here. The live and the neutral wire are what we need.


Diagram 2 – One way to install an additional light is to run a piece of wire (S2) from the existing one gang switch and another piece of wire (N2) from the existing light to the new light point. Then replace the one gang switch with a two gang switch and terminate them seperately using the looping method that I showed you in this post.

At the existing light point twist the newly laid out neutral wire with the existing one and re-terminate the light point.


Wiring Diagram 3 – If however you want to locate the switch for the new light away from the existing switch, all you have to do is to run a new wire (L2) from the existing switch to the new location. From that new switch, run another piece for wire (S2) to the new light point. Get a new set of one gang switch and terminate it accordingly.

Follow the same procedure for the neutral wire as mentioned just now.