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Found in industries that depends totally on electricity to run their business, many manufacturing concerns have a standby generator ready in case there is a blackout so they will not suffer any losses due to the blackouts. In order to keep the factory running smoothly without any downtime, the generator must be hooked to the [...]

A Foot Switch

A switch that is also quite common in our everyday lives but have never been often brought up or mentioned is the foot switch. You might be wondering that since I said it is quite common, how is it that you have never noticed it before. You have, but it never crossed your mind that [...]

A Switch Socket  is also normally called a plug which is not a very proper term. Switch Sockets are also switches, only this time, it needs to be plugged into something like the fridge or TV sets in our homes. There are easily distinguished by their look. While a switch has buttons, switch sockets has [...]

Many people makes a mistake by calling a 3 Gang Switch with a 3 Way Switch. For a person not familiar with the electrical terms, it is forgivable. The name does seems very appropriate if you look at the switch. It has 3 switches lined up side by side and naturally many people will call [...]

I posted a 2 way switch wiring diagram sometime ago. Though the design and looks of the switches might look a little more modern to keep up with the trend of houses these days, the wiring installation of a 2 way switch done today is still the same. Even though the wiring installation method of [...]

Micro switches are tiny little switches used mainly for automation of machines that needs to stopped or started automatically on it's own. The most common place that one will find an a micro switch in action are at the auto gates and doors the we see swings open at shut at will. Other than these [...]

Installing an outdoor light is a good practice especially if you have a wide compound where some areas can be really dark during the night. This can be a security issue. To install a outdoor light will involve some digging as the wires will have to be run underground and the light pole will have [...]

Pressure Switch is a switch that acts to regulate pressure. It can be water pressure or air pressure. In all air compressors there is a pressure switch to act as a cut off when the air compressor has reached it's desired working pressure. The switch does not look like a normal switch and to the [...]