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Many years ago when you have your house wiring done and installed, none would have imagined that there will come a day when USB devices will take over our daily lives. These days so many of our household items uses USB as a power source. These days, the wall sockets in our homes are all [...]

So you have just moved in to your new home. All the electrical wirings have been installed by the contractor and the only thing left for you to do is to choose the kind of light fixture you like and have them installed. You can either pay the contractor to install them for you, which [...]

I posted a 2 way switch wiring diagram more than 2 years ago. Years has passed since and some might wonder of things have changed since then. Well, some things never changes. Though the design and looks of the switches might look a little more modern to keep up with the trend of houses these [...]

Using a ring circuit for switch sockets as compared to a normal circuit depends on how you plan and what are the purpose for the switch sockets. In a normal home, the need for a ring circuit to supply electricity to all the switch sockets do not arise as ring circuits are normally used for [...]

It is advisable to check the wirings of your home after prolonged use. Periodic checks to ensure that the wires are in good condition and all terminal connections are tight will prevent undue short circuit and electrical overloads. With a well maintained wiring installation in your home, you can save on your electrical bill as [...]

UV or Ultraviolet lights are seldom or never used in a normal household unless you have some special purpose for it. Ultraviolet lights are commonly used as disinfectants and these lights can be harmful if one is overly exposed to it. Thus, ultraviolet lights are most commonly used in hospitals and laboratories. Natural UV light [...]

3 phase switch sockets are normally used in an industrial environment where high voltage is need to run machinery. In a normal household there is almost no need to have a 3 phase switch sockets installed as every electrical appliance in our house is powered by single phase supply. The only reason why we need [...]

In layman terms, 3 phase wiring distribution is simply distributing power supply with 3 live incoming supply instead of the single phase which uses only one power supply line. In a normal domestic environment where 3 phase equipments are rarely used, the extra 2 live supplies ensures that the user do not overload the permitted [...]